Lethos Designs has built and maintained many wordpress blogs over the years while we have been in business.

We have comprised a quick list of our top 6 plugins we use again and again since they provide features we just can’t do without.

Our WordPress most used Plugins – Top 6

  • WP Super Cache. WP really can't be utilised on a large scale sensibly without using a caching plugin. On a small scale any blog will find a speed improvement as well as less stress on the server resources you are using, even if you are using a shared host, VPS or dedicated it matters. So it be silly to try to launch any blog without one, WP super cache is our favourite for it's wide yet simple range of options and ease of setup. It works well with a multitude of configurations, as not everyone has a simple Apache setup.
  • Contact Form 7. Having a good reliable way for your clients, customers, general viewing public to contact you for a blog is usually pretty funder-mental. Of course not everyone needs a hugely customisable approach that Contact form 7 can do. It is also nice to have since every blog will need a contact us page at least.
  • Google XML sitemap. Every blog needs a sitemap, just to make it that little bit easier for the search engines (Google and Bing) to find your new posts. This one is one of many that work to do that job with out any fuss. It works okay with multi-site WP blogs and has options to limit what goes into the sitemap.
  • SEO Ultimate. SEO Ultimate is one of the newest to the list, since I was for a long time using another popular SEO program. Found this one has a huge array of options which have proved to be very useful once you learn how to use them all. My favourite even if not a big one is still the 404 logs. After all I get to see where traffic is going, where it shouldn't be.
  • CDN Tools. Even if you don't plan to make use of the full capacity of this plugin. Offloading common WP Javascript files to Googles Ajax CDN is worth it alone. Since so many others are already this can save a lot of resources from stopping unnecessary re-downloadin a file people have.
  • WP-DBManager. The final one is a life saver. WP blogs don't often mess up all on their own. It usually is user error, so having regular backups of that database is really something every good owner should do. This makes it very easy and has all the options necessary to keep your database safe, optimised and working well on a schedule.

Every single one fulfils a vital purpose to every blog of any purpose and I can’t imagine where it won’t be useful to not use them.

I hope my list finds a use to those starting out and needs a helping hand in selecting what are good plugins to use.

WordPress Plugins

Note: This was written many years ago, atleast Two plugin is now has limited support or functionality, but most are still going strong.

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